View Full Version : Is Advanced Amiga Analyser reliable ? (memory test errors)

28th January 2015, 21:59
I'm using Advanced Amiga Analyser to test the memory on my A4K. Its still testing, oh and I dont have a dongle (do i need one ?)

Anyway its finding errors .... Could it be wrong ?

I'm running it from OS3.9, as in I copied the files from the disk onto my HDD.

- - - Updated - - -

I tried another memory tester from Aminet and it found no errors but I have doubts.

Rick Dangerous Whd has lots of glitches in the graphics.

CPU is 68040. I have the 68040 library and i tried NOMMU, NOCACHE and NoVBR options

1st February 2015, 14:54
Ok someone else on the bugtracker reported the exact same issue with an A1200 with a 040 accelerator. Yay!!! Its not my Amiga but the game itself.