View Full Version : Sold Original spectrum games, booklets, homemade tapes and handwritten game design doc

1st February 2015, 22:46
I got these from a car boot sale a while ago. It's up for grabs whoever comes and collects them. I'm in London.

82568 82569 82570

Yes the cassette player works too. I have no idea of the tapes though.

1st February 2015, 23:08
So, they are for free right? Because I have to alter the thread's title then.

2nd February 2015, 12:07
Yes they are, sorry for that.

2nd February 2015, 12:18
OK, done.

2nd February 2015, 12:24
1st in line instresed were in London are you

2nd February 2015, 17:26
Interested in the game design documentation if it could be scanned?

Totally unrelated but I just noticed this was my 1000 post :)

3rd February 2015, 16:49
I am in Dagenham, nearest stop is Dagenham East tube station. Yes the documentation can be scanned or if Scoobyatgb doesn't want it can be yours.

9th February 2015, 14:46
Received postage fee, boxed up and sent cassettes. The "docs" turned out to be private letters of a grandpa who wrote a game for his grandson.

The actual game listing is there too. I will scan it for the greater good apart from the private parts.