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7th February 2015, 12:03
Anyone got any idea what might be causing these horizontal scrolling lines on my 800XL? I don't think they were there last week when I was using it. I have checked for anything that could be interfering with the signal but there is nothing that I can see.

I am using a standard C64 SCART cable

Link to video below...


Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.

7th February 2015, 16:35
That is defnitely not normal my friend :(

Looks like interference of some kind for sure which is surprising as the board is screened..

If you rule out interference i can send you an adapter to use a std 5v supply with it to see if that helps.
Check the screws in the mains plug Live and Neutral are tightened.


7th February 2015, 16:40
Thanks Bas, I will check that tomorrow, I'm also going to try a different SCART cable to see if that makes any difference. Won't get a chance till tomorrow now so I'll report back than. Thanks again for your reply :)

7th February 2015, 20:03
Be confident that one way or other we will fix this for you ;)

7th February 2015, 20:05
You are a top man Bas, you are the busiest person I know and yet you always find time to help, it is greatly appreciated mate :)

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8th February 2015, 11:52
OK a few updates...

I looked at the plug and made sure that the 2 Live and Neutral wires were tight, they were a little loose actually but the problem sill persists.

It would seem that the issue only manifests itself after the computer has been on for about 30 minutes or so, I have taken a few videos to show what happens...

This video show what happens with the SIO2SD inserted (Lines are seen)


This with the AtariMax inserted (Lines are seen)


This with nothing inserted (Lines are initially seen, but disappear after about 10 seconds)


This is what happens when the computer has been off for about 2 hours (Line are seen after about 5 mins)


And 5 mins later...


8th February 2015, 13:23
I think it's worth eliminating the PSU first my friend as those original Atari beasts can get noisy...
Do you have a std 5V DC brick about 1.5Amps to hand, if so i will post you an adapter...


8th February 2015, 13:28
Many thanks Baz, yes I'm sure with all the consoles and computers I have here I can find a PSU like that, if not then I have a few of those universal supply's. Do you need my address?

8th February 2015, 13:31
I've got your addy Michael no problem mate ;)

If it's not the PSU then it will be a poorly Antic or Gtia that has decided enough is enough lol, now i do have spares of these so if you wish i can include them with the PSU adapter and send the lot out on Tuesday.

The Chips are all socketed so nowt to worry about..:)

8th February 2015, 13:33
OK nice one, thanks Bas. OK if you can send them as well that will be great, if it turns out to be the PSU then I will return the chips to you. How does that sound? :)

15th February 2015, 21:16
Turned put to be the power supply, I have been using my 800XL all weekend on and off with a universal power supply and the adaptor that Bas sent me and the horizontal lines have not made an appearance. If anyone else has this issue, I would try the power supply first. Thanks for all your help Bas.