View Full Version : I can't use F8 for win7 boot options ... Please help

8th February 2015, 09:05
I want to install Omniflop to write ST disks with a USB floppy but i'm meant to disable something regarding the drivers by pressing F8 for the boot options.

Problem is that when I do the F8, instead of getting the boot options i'm getting bootmgr is missing or something like that. If i restart the computer works fine and boots but that still doesnt solve the fact that i have no access to the startup menu.

Any help please ?

8th February 2015, 09:30
You can access the boot from `msconfig`, just type it in the RUN window

8th February 2015, 09:36
Dougal, do you mean the BIOS settings? these are usually accessed with the DEL key at start up or if it's an HP computer I think they use F2. Boot options menu is also available on F5 on some computers.

8th February 2015, 13:16
Screw it, I setup an old pentium 4 which has XP and a real disk drive. Works perfect :)