View Full Version : MUI issue.

11th February 2015, 02:13
I've started getting MUI error messages when trying to open ibrowse. It's saying that ver 3.7 minimum needs to be installed, despite me having ver 3.8.

I don't know why it would suddenly start doing this. I've tried reinstalling MUI as an upgrade but not went as far as uninstalling it yet as I don't want to lose my registered version.

Any ideas, please?

11th February 2015, 07:53
Try running SnoopDos before running MUI or/and any other program requiring MUI to see what happens.

14th February 2015, 10:53
The only solution was deleting all browsers from my system and reinstalling iBrowse again.

Snoopdos didn't show up any errors or deficiency I could make sense of :)

Fixed now.