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11th February 2015, 06:41
I've got two Atari 1040 STe machines. Both have 4MB of ram, one of them has TOS 1.06 and the other has TOS 2.06.

I can't speak for the one with the older TOS as its packed away and I haven't used it in ages but i've been messing with the one with the newer TOS (2.06) recently and noticed that some games won't run. Most work fine but not all.

Is this due to the TOS version or the fact that it is an STe and not an ST ?

Would I have more luck with compatibility if I use the STe with the older 1.06 TOS ?

11th February 2015, 07:09
Check here (http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=86&t=26783).

11th February 2015, 07:21
Check here (http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=86&t=26783).

Thanks, that's an interesting read. So it seems with the ST which ha TOS 1.06 compatibility will be better but of-course TOS 2.06 is better for other features. I'm guessing like a Kickstart 1.3 A500 is more compatible with older games than a Kickstart 2.04 A500 plus but KS2.04 is better.

I suppose my best option is to get my hands on one of those rom switchers though it seems they damage the ROM sockets and so once installed cannot be removed without replacing the sockets.

23rd February 2015, 11:25
TOS 1.06 is TOS 1.04 (1.4 Rainbow TOS that was de most common TOS in STfm Ataris) updated to use STe new hardware. It has a bug with Med-Resolution mode (it ignores saved desktop configuration that should boot in Med-Resolution mode). I recommend you to get TOS 1.62 that has this issue solved.
TOS 2.06 was used in Mega STe machines but it can be used in normal STe computers too. It has IDE support and some other improvements but is more for a pro use than gamer.