View Full Version : 1 MB Kickstart ROM on Amiga 4000D revision D (CR)

11th February 2015, 18:56
Good day.

I am following mfilos's guide to create another kickstart ROM for my Amiga 4000D (revision D [CR]).

In the notes at the bottom it says that an Amiga 4000D does not support a 1MB ROM (2 512KB).

I have a VERY late version of the Amiga 4000. Is there any chance it can use 2 512KB ROM chips?

Will it hurt anything if I try?


11th February 2015, 19:43
i dont think itll work...it wont hurt to try either.

11th February 2015, 20:08
I don't think it will work. You need to have special 1MB ROM mod board:

11th February 2015, 21:48

You can use 2 512Kb EEPROM chips just fine, it will only use 256Kb out of each, giving you an effective 512Kb ROM
Mind you, the 256Kb generated images will need to be doubled, to fit all the chip, even if not using it.

11th February 2015, 21:56
It's a pity they didn't design the A4000 with the ability to use the full space of the 2 512k roms