View Full Version : Issues when upgrading laptop ram

12th February 2015, 13:24
I bought a 1GB DDR dimm for an old NX5000 laptop.

When I put the ram in it found it but the graphics where all glitchy. I re-seated a few times and it worked fine and booted but after about 15 minutes of use it blue screened and had the glitches again.

Re-seated and booted a few more times and it worked only to glitch and blue screen again after a while.

The dimm isnt faulty as I tried it on its own in slot 0 instead of the factory 1gb dimm and it worked fine.

Could the slot 1 be damaged ? I tried a quick clean with compressed air but it didn't help.

12th February 2015, 17:16
Did it crash with the factory installed RAM in slot 1?

12th February 2015, 17:50
wonky slot...?
ram incompatible with each other? (ie: different speeds...)
DLC? (Dougal's Luck with Computers)

12th February 2015, 19:02
I'll go for option 3 :lol:

In slot 1 both dimms work fine without any issues

The extra RAM is exactly same spec as the original one. Both are 333Mhz DDR 1GB Dimms. Should I try cleaning the slot with some alcohol ?

wonky slot...?
ram incompatible with each other? (ie: different speeds...)
DLC? (Dougal's Luck with Computers)

12th February 2015, 19:38
not entirely sure...tho i did come across the drivers page at HP....there is a BIOS update there (unless you already have it installed)


12th February 2015, 19:46
BIOS update is a good idea...but yeah, it could just be that these two stick just wont play nice together :/

Personally I would try another stick of RAM before updating the bios...unless I KNOW that the update will fix a problem I am familiar with.

12th February 2015, 20:08
Compaq machines are notoriously finicky about brands of RAM. I had a Compaq NC Series laptop that couldn't see VData or AData branded RAM, but it worked fine with Kingston. Infineon branded RAM is also known to work on Compaq machines as I've used it.