View Full Version : Problem with Cloanto WB 3.1 "Amiga Forever"

13th February 2015, 18:14

Recieved my new WB3.1 from Cloanto today.


Ive installed WB a few times now

2 times on CF #1 (set up by fitzsteve) using DF0 only and then DF1 only
2 times on CF #2 (set up by me) using DF0 only and then DF1 only

EVERY time, amongst others, I cannot open "screenmode"

Anyone familiar with this ?

13th February 2015, 19:52
Does it open if you boot from the Workbench first then put the `Extras` disk in and open the `screenmode` in the `Prefs` drawer to see if that works, I tried that with my Cloanto disks and the screenmode tool opened.
Perhaps you might have a corrupt disk ?

14th February 2015, 10:52
BOING...why did I not think of that :D
Yeah it works from floppy....must be something with my setup then :/

Been way too long since I did this!!

14th February 2015, 17:44
bah...cant start tools from the new floppies after all...just worked once!

So either both my drives are ready for the bin, or the disk set from cloanto is damaged :/
No more time waste on this today #*@#$%*@#!!!