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13th February 2015, 21:10

Got my self one of those nice Blizzard PPC cards for my A1200 tower. This turned out to be a slightly bigger challenge than expected and require some assistance.

The system had a Blizzard 1260, and since the PPC also have a 68060 I just plugged it in without doing anything to the system. It booted up just fine into workbench and everything worked as before. I then proceeded to install WarpUP 4.0 and WarpUP 5.1 update from this web-page: http://powerup.amigaworld.de/index.php?lang=en&page=13 After installing I rebooted the system and it froze when workbench started loading. "Oh well", I though, then proceeded to copy over a clean OS 3.9 install with classic workbench. This is what I were using with the 1260, but with Mediator, FastATA, picasso96 etc installed. This is when the trouble started...

I knew it wouldn't boot because of the 68060, so I proceeded to start ut without startup sequence so I could get the libraries installed. I installed the system disk, copied over the newest libraries after, rebooted and still got that annoying power LED flashing. The funny thing is that it doesn't get a guru meditation error (as it would so with the 1260 without the libraries), instead it just reboots and repeats it self. I tried several combinations, but could never get a clean system working. If I copied over my backup of the system I used with the 1260, it boots up and works just fine. Although, I cannot install the WarpUP stuff as it will freeze after reboot.

Any suggestions on how I could get this up and running? I'm sure it is a trick to it that I haven't figured out yet. I might've misunderstood the entire install process as well, so correct me if I'm wrong.

14th February 2015, 13:33
After doing a lot more reading I read that the card have three keys that can be pressed during boot. Escape key for a menu, 2 key to disable 68060 and S key to disable the entire card. 2 and S doesn't do anything and pressing Escape gives me a black screen and freezes the computer. Do I have to use a BlizzardVision PPC graphics card to be able to do any of this? I don't own a manual, and the only one I can find on the web is in German, so have no clue. I'd like to have a look in that menu, if a configuration there is the issue. If I need a BlizzardVision addon card to be able to see this, then I can't do that.

For the record, the voltage is perfectly fine. Stable at 4.950 volts with my multimeter, measured the same both when in workbech and when running the starstruck demo (heavy load on the 68060). This is well within acceptable limits.

Also, when using the OS installation I had with my Blizzard 1260, everything works fine. It is after I install WarpOS from either the archives found online, or from the OS 3.9 CD, the problem starts. When loading the workbench the computer freezes. Just get a white blank screen with the workbench bar on top. If I boot from the SCSI drive I got with the card, which have a clean OS 3.9 install (no CWB), I get the same issue.

Does this mean my card defective? Or is this just a configuration issue?

14th February 2015, 17:00
I have the same setup as you,but not got warp3d working yet will do soon
but I install warp from the mediator Mmcd ..
i think you have to use this version ..I maybe wrong others will put you right

14th February 2015, 17:32
I'm not trying to install Warp3D, it is WarpUP/WarpOS I'm having a fight with now. The stuff needed to get the PowerPC CPU to work.

16th February 2015, 18:55
This seems to be an issue with the PPC card it self. After some troubleshooting I found that I only get 3 volt on the fan connector on the card. I guess this would explain why I'm having a really hard time installing the software. The rest of the computer have stable 4,9 volt, also have extra wires going to the floppy power connector on the motherboard as well.

EDIT: Just came to mind I measured without disconnecting the fan, which I should have done. Just took a new measurement and have a good and stable 4,9 volt. Still, none of the keys work during boot.