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15th February 2015, 14:55
Ive just received a Gotek drive (pre-flashed to work on Amiga) for my Amiga 1200, do I just need to copy the selector.adf file on the root of my USB stick and no other files? Also is it possible to fit the Gotek in the Amiga 1200 or an A500 without modifying the case?

15th February 2015, 15:34
yes and yes with a squeeze

15th February 2015, 16:26
Copy the selector.adf to your usb root. Copy also the adfs you want.
Then boot and select the adfs for the relative numbers of each place of the 999 available. Easy enough...

Yes, you can install it inside an amiga 500 or 1200 but if you don't modify the case it will not be ease to see the display or use the buttons. There is a kit you can use to access display and buttons without modifying the case but it is not worth the money IMHO.
Fortunately, the lcd and buttons are quite easy to relocate outside of the case by soldering a few wires. Very little soldering skills required for this...

18th February 2015, 20:35
Thanks for the replies, has anyone got a pic of one of these installed in an A1200 I'm having difficulty getting mine to fit in the case, are these supposed to be screwed to the case like the original floppy drive is?

18th February 2015, 20:45
Told you it was squeeze :)
if you look there are some plastic stops infront of the Disk drive , either file them down or re-drill some new screw holes in the Gotek so it lies just infront of them, you need to do this otherwise the Gotek sits to high and you cant close the A1200 case.
also you will find you need to use some spacers between the screws and the A1200 case so you raise the Gotek up slightly so you can insert the the USB stick, like I said it is a little involved but do-able