View Full Version : MiamiDX cannot find my 3com pcmcia card on a600

16th February 2015, 16:08
I am having trouble with getting my a600 online.

-CWB full
-2x 3Com 3c589

MiamiDX installed smoothly
3c589.device is placed in devs:networks/
both card turns on green LED when connected to the switch.
MiamiDX cannot find my device when running through the set up.

Any thoughts ? :)

16th February 2015, 16:26
Try adding pcmcia reset command to your acatune declaration in your startup sequence. Have a quick look at the acatune readme, it's in the archive in the temp drawer.

16th February 2015, 17:04
Lol...nvm..I was just being an a** and running miamiinit :) ( why does that need to be there ? )

Got her on the interwebz now with dhcp ;)

But thanks anyways mate ;)