View Full Version : 500+ rom???

17th February 2015, 00:20
Hi. I was wondering. What type of Kickstart rom is in the 500+. I know that it's 512k. But what type..

17th February 2015, 02:14
Obviously Kickstart 2.04 - as far as I know no other version shipped with the A500+.
Unless you're wondering about the ROM organisation - then it's a 4 Mbit = 256K words x 16 bit each word ( = 512 Kbytes), e.g. an 27C400 EPROM (40 pins) would be a suitable programmable replacement.
Note that the socket provides for a 42-pin 512K x 16 = 1 MByte ROM, therefore pins 1 and 42 (the highest address lines) are not used.

17th February 2015, 03:33
Ok you see I plan on burning my own 3.1 rom. But just need the programmable replacement....