View Full Version : Fitzsteve's next A600 project =)

13th June 2010, 12:40
So my nice yellow A600 arrived :)

I have made a little start on my next project, mainly at this stage it is testing the kit deciding on exactly how to proceed so I will need some advice from the Guru's :unsure:

The plan is to paint the A600 Black, replace or paint/stencil the keys, I thought the key fonts stenciled in a paint that will glow in the dark would be pretty cool?

Will be using a 3.1 & 1.3 rom switch and replacing the FDD with a HxC Floppy Emulator, looking forward to playing all those old skool cracked/trained ADF's in 1.3 mode :cool:

Looking to mount the HxC and screen as shown in the last pic (inside obviously), there should be space for the screen in this area, the screen its self should sit just below the surface of the plastic so the idea is to cut a hole, neatly and have a purspex veiwing window for the screen.

The SD card will be swapped via the empty floppy drive slow and I will need to make 3 holes in the top case, with some kind of push down button for the switches, I think I should be able to find something useful in Maplins along with the cables to connect the screen.

Also an A608 will be going in when they are ready :D

Will update this post as the project makes progress...


13th June 2010, 13:27
Nice one mate :) Fill us with some pr0n as you have progress...
I have the same idea for the LCD Screen but the sad part is that the LCD as it is can't be mounted inline with the top part (since the lower part of it's PCB interacts with the inside plastics + keyboard. Best thing as you said is have it slightly lower (with a hole on top of the case). It will seem kinda lower than it would be perfect, but makes the job done.
One other idea I had was putting it in ventilation area. That ofc requires VERY PRECISE dremel work as it will look pretty bad if not done absolutely correctly.

Looking forward for you efforts my friend.

13th June 2010, 13:32
Thanks for the advice Marios, luckily I have a spare top cover in case things go wrong... But the LCD as you say the PCB just blocks a flush fit :(

I'm going to get help with the spraying and cutting work as I'm not the best at these jobs, my brother-in-law is very handy with a spray can and his Dad is a BT engineer so should be able to help with making up the cables and any soldering, plus he had a kick ass tool shed :thumbsup:


14th June 2010, 18:33
Very nice fitzsteve! I'm very excited to see how it all turns out. :)


14th June 2010, 18:45
Very nice fitzsteve! I'm very excited to see how it all turns out. :)


Thanks Heather :)

My 3.1 Rom arrived so I can borrow the Rom Switcher out of my other A600 and I've made an offer for an A603, again for the other A600 (with the Apollo 630 with the view of adding USB) but it means this A600 will get an extra 1mb chip ram :cool: