View Full Version : Wanted Set of 6 Tos Roms - 1.04 Rainbow Tos

18th February 2015, 21:25
Arghhhh! My eprom programmer is having trouble burning 27C256 eproms, so I am stuck without Tos Roms in my Mega ST4. I have a set of 2 Tos Roms in 1.04 Rainbow Tos, however when I did the simple hack to use them it does not work, so It is easier to just re-install another set of 6 roms.

Does anyone have a cheap set of 6 x Tos 1.04 Rainbow Tos roms so I can use this machine until I get my programmer up and running? I don't care if they are original, programmed Eproms etc, as long as they work and I can purchase them. :)

5th March 2015, 21:27
yes I have a 6 chip UK / English TOS 1.04 set for the STFM

15 plus shipping