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19th February 2015, 21:20
Hi all,

Has anyone setup a CF card on an Amiga 600 (Kick 37.300) and installed Workbench v2.05?

I have a 4Gb CF card that was pre-formatted with 3 partitions. I have installed it
in my A600HD and I can see the partitions on the workbench screen.

When I come to try and install Workbench to DH0, it cannot see the device and is
not allowing me to install.

If I run hdtoolbox with scsi.device, then I can see that the partitions are setup.



19th February 2015, 21:46
I think the install partition needs to be named workbench2.0 or something, have yet done a Google search on installing wb 2.0?

You could just install the classic workbench version, gaae and then activate it with your 2.0 disk which is what I done.

Or I think I have a plain 2.1 install I could zip up for you.

Finally, I think you can even just copy the contents of all 3 disks to dh0 and it should boot.

19th February 2015, 22:45
Thanks Steve,

Finally got it done, not as straight forward as I thought...

Got the final few bits of info from here - http://cpc464.tripod.com/wb2x/chap2.htm

Yay 600HD now back up and running!

19th February 2015, 22:51
Glad to hear that. Enjoy your A600!

Edit. Ahh, it was system2.0 I knew it was something like that...

20th February 2015, 15:57
Glad to hear that. Enjoy your A600!

Edit. Ahh, it was system2.0 I knew it was something like that...

Actually, that's not quite true !!!!!

The drive name (not the volume name) has to be WB_2.x: not DH0:
However, a quick Assign WB_2.x: DH0: in the Shell takes care of that or editing the InstallHD script (C:ED is on the Install disk, so ed InstallHD from a shell will work)
The A3000 version of 2.0 (2.04) also looks for WB_2.x: as it's where the softkicked 2.0 exists on an A3000.

If you run the PrepHD and FormatHD scripts, you'll end up with the following (and not very sensible) configuration:

Drive (or Volume) WB_2.x: named as System2.0 occupying 6MB
Drive (or Volume) WORK: named Work occupying the rest of the drive.

With that setup, DH0: and DH1: etc. will not work, as the partitions are not given the standard designation.
If you do setup like this, I'd advise the following is added to S:User-Startup

Assign DH0: WB_2.x:
Assign DH1: WORK:

With 3.0 and above, I believe Commodore changed their minds and the PrepHD script uses DH0: and DH1: like it did back in the 1.3 days.

Finally, I don't know if this has any bareing, but those instructions you showed said to run UpdateWB and not InstallHD - I usually go for InstallHD - I had an issue on an old A600HD where UpdateWB didn't install something that InstallHD did.