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21st February 2015, 11:46
Hi folks,

does anyone know the command used to disable lines in the startup sequence? Looks like my 1260 doesn't like something in the sequence on my classicwb lite and crashes on boot (Its perfectly happy to boot a basic 3.1 installation).

Bit strange given that the same setup runs perfectly well with Blizz 1230 and Apollo 1240...


21st February 2015, 13:23
If you edit the startup sequence and put a ; in front of each command line the amiga will ignore it. Worth checking your user startup file too.

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21st February 2015, 14:44
you need insert the 68060 library, install patch and boingbag1.2.3.4

21st February 2015, 14:50
if it gurus as soon as it starts booting from harddrive its probably the 040 library.

which 1260 have you got? 060 cards require a dummy 040 library and 060 lib to work

and...you dont need any boing bag for it to work.

21st February 2015, 18:09
Thanks chaps. It pretty much gurus instantly. Its a Blizzard 1260 with 64mb. I've got a copy of 2 library files with it: one named 68040 and one 68060. Which folder would I need to copy them/it to?

21st February 2015, 18:44
They go into libs:

3 files to copy 68060.library 68040.library and 68o4o.library... 60o4o will be your original 68040 one renamed if you use an install script. If doing it manauly rename the existing one and then copy the other two over.

24th February 2015, 16:19
Finally managed to apply above. Works an absolute treat. Thanks all!