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21st February 2015, 19:01
HI Guys
I have an A3000 in which I have a SCSI drive I have been trying to get a budda or Fastata Zorro for her but am I wasting my time if so how do I get decent speed from my SCSI it runs soooo slow it drives me nuts.


21st February 2015, 19:50
Hi Al,

I would replace the drive itself. Unless you get a warp engine 3040 or a cyberstorm MK III with it's own controller, the 3000 controller is the way to go.

I have a acard 2000 ssd to scsi with a SSD and I get over 4mbs on the scsi controller.

SCSI uses little cpu time and works just fine.

Good luck,


22nd February 2015, 00:10
Get the latest amd scsi chip, rev 8, and a good 9 or 18 gb HDD, it's amiga fast :D

22nd February 2015, 11:40
when you say the latest AMD scsi chip in what format Marmes sorry to seem silly but not sure how that works LOL

23rd February 2015, 17:30
There are issues with the WDC SCSI Chips (Proto 4 and 6). If I remember it mainly is with reselect issues. The WDC Proto 08 or the AMD SCSI chip are the issues free scsi chips you can swap out in your 3k. You will most likely need some sort of adapter to take the 50 pin scsi to another standard. Be careful some adapters do not fit well in a 3000. The Acard 2000 SCSI 50 to SATA is a nice box that fits perfectly (roughly the same size as a regular HDD). It is a little expensive but SATA SSD's are going for nothing these days...

24th February 2015, 16:39
ahh I have the WDC33c9a seen one of the AMD33C93A chips for less than a tenner any point in changing?

24th February 2015, 17:49
ahh I have the WDC33c9a seen one of the AMD33C93A chips for less than a tenner any point in changing?

I don't know by the number, there will be a -04 or proto 04 or something similar.

I always upgrade them, but lately I used a 04 for months without any issues. So I doubt there will be any issues, but if you want the latest stuff go for it.

24th February 2015, 19:12
Cool will check out the part and let you know how it goes put a replacement bluster in last week got a bluster 9 it seems ok