View Full Version : Gamecube question - Swiss 0.3 & Gamecube + SD Media launcher problem

22nd February 2015, 08:05
This one is for Gamecube people :-)

I'm trying to run the Gameboy Player on my Gamecube using an SD Media Launcher + Swiss 0.3 and have converted the PAL and NTSC versions of the Gameboy Player from ISO to .GCM to shrink them as my SD card is small.

It gets to the screen where it shows the Gameboy Player logo and tells you to press A to launch.

I select Compatibility over Fast and tried both with an original game (Spiderman) and without inserted as in selected the use a disc option and tried withhout a disc but after that it says that it failed to find the nescassary files to patch or something like that and then blank screen.

According to the compatibility list of Swiss 0.3 the Gameboy Player works perfect without issues.

Could it be because i converted the ISO to GCM and it shrunk it from 1.4GB to like 4MB ?

22nd February 2015, 11:43
with swiss when you add files to a sd card format the sd then add them.. Dont add one then later add a second one. always wipe and start again.
that was an issue for me..

I would also try to format then use a single game on the sd with out shrinking it. then if it works format the sd and try adding the game again when it is only 4mb.
but remember to always format then add files and add them all at the same time copy all the games you want to add then paste them all in 1 copy/paste action" do not copy one paste. then copy game 2 and paste...

22nd February 2015, 16:40
Thanks. I managed to play Zelda collection and resident evil 4 (much better than ps2 version). Seems like game boy player is a problem with swiss

22nd February 2015, 16:42
Also I found out SDHC cards won't work with the SD media launcher but I can load Swiss with the normal SD card and then replace it with the SDHC once it loads up and it reads it fine