View Full Version : Recommend a display for my handheld collection?

23rd February 2015, 12:39
My handheld collection has been growing again recently and I want somewhere nice to store/display them (preferably wall mounted) rather than all over the place as they are at the moment. I am thinking of glass shelves (as the Irish walls are freakishly tall :lol:) but any other suggestions would be welcome.

The collection so far it would need to house is:
1x Atari Lynx original
1x Atari Lynx (second model)
1x Wonderswan
1x Watara Supervision
2x Sony PSP
1x Gameboy Color
1x original GBA
2x GBA SP (AGS-001 and AGS-101)
1x GBA Pocket
1x Sega Nomad
1x Sega Gamegear
2x boxed Pocketstations (not sure if they count but I want to put the in there)
1x Neo Geo Pocket
1x Pokemon Mini
1x PC Engine LT

I am also looking to get a Turbo Express as well soon.