View Full Version : SNES video problem (Bad caps ?)

23rd February 2015, 20:15
When I switch on my NTSC-USA SNES it has a problem with the graphics which shows more on bright white text. It gets less and less after a few minutes and works perfectly normal after that.

See the video:


I'm using a universal power supply (Vanson) @ 9 volts (SNES is supposed to be 10V) with more than enough amps and its outputting 9 volts as I tested with a multimeter. I tried two TV's and also tried using an AV cable and S-Video cable. This video is taken using the Gamecube RGB cable as that is the only cable I can use to get colour on a PAL TV. It's the same cable I use on my Japanese SFC. The result is the same with all 3 cables I tried and I also tried another TV but same.

Like I said, after about 5-10 minutes max everything comes to normal. Could it be faulty CAPS ? Could it be a faulty voltage regulator ?

24th February 2015, 08:58
do you have a multimeter? do you have a esr meter?

24th February 2015, 09:12
I'd guess faulty caps, I've recapped 3 SNESes so far and all 3 had leaking smd caps under the heatsink. They look fine but the white stuff is under them...
When you recap pay attention as there is one 10uf bipolar cap in there, you'll notice it has no black marking on top to indicate polarity