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24th February 2015, 16:03

As the title suggests, I'm looking for a multicard reader that would be supported by Poseidon on a Subway (Mini thylacine support would be a bonus).
I'm asking this because I have one that is external (about 8 years old) that is absolutely refused by Poseidon.
Maybe I could tweak the settings ?

Anyway I still need a card reader capable of using at least CompactFlash and SecureDigital cards. And high capacity as well (>2GB)
It can be either 3"1/5 or 5"1/4.

As the target Amiga (1200 in a tower, 68060/SCSI, Atreobus etc.) will be SCSI enabled, a SCSI multicard reader would be a must, obviously, but I know they are few and far between :-/

I'm not necessarily looking for second hand there, see. If anyone can point out to an online shop that sells such reader known to work on Amiga, I'm all for it too !

Any suggestion would be appreciated.



24th February 2015, 16:14
im a bit confused about what your after,you want usb or scsi?

i have a usb card reader thats a 3 1/2 inch internal device i can let you have for 10 its in cream and the 5 1/4 inch adaptor for 2.50.
postage(signed/tracked only) would be on top.

24th February 2015, 16:25

Thanks for your swift response :-)
What I want is a card reader that works on Amiga. Simple as that.
The preferred way would be a SCSI reader of course, for performance, but they are as rare as they are expensive.
Therefore, a usb one would be ok, since the target amiga will have my Subway card.

So if your readers fit the following requirements, I'd be glad to purchase one or two:
- recognized by Poseidon (mandatory, obviously)
- support both CF and SD
- support >2 GB card capacity
- front-end usb port (optional)
- activity led (optional, but cute)


24th February 2015, 19:03
the one i have is usb see previous post.

it works on Poseidon i was using it with a spider usb card for a bit.
it accepts all the cards you listed and i was using cards bigger than you want to use with it,it has activity leds and an extra usb port on the front.

its basically seen as two usb devices in the system and is wired as such, if you want it ill post pictures and you can make a decision about having it.

24th February 2015, 22:07
No it's fine It seems like a fine little piece of hardware.

Please just PM me the total cost including shipping to Belgium, and your Paypal info.

Good evening, sir !

24th February 2015, 22:22
ill post pictures of it tomorrow for you from all sides with descriptions so your absolutely sure you want it,i dont want any confusion as to what we are talking about:)

this way your not disappointed by what you payed for.

i can get the postage after,besides im a bit tired from running around today at work to do it now...
just send me your full name and address in advance please so i can get it packed up for you.:)

25th February 2015, 08:49
here is the pics.




25th February 2015, 13:15
payment accepted,and...posted.

its on its way to you:)

25th March 2015, 08:34
Item received some time ago.
Feedback on its way.

The thread can be closed :-)

25th March 2015, 09:13
leaving feedback and sending pm:)