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24th February 2015, 16:46
Does anyone have any links to an UPDATED (all I have found is ancient) guide on how to JTAG an Xbox 360? I have an old Jasper with a broken optical drive that I want to convert into an emulation machine.
I am unsure if I can do it, some people said that if I have a dashboard higher than a certain number, I can't do it. Is this still true?

Any help appreciated!

24th February 2015, 17:56
yes it's true, there are 2 things to look if your 360 can be JTAG'ed:

a. it is manufactured before 18 June 2009 (see the sticker on the back)
b. the dashboard installed is equal or lower to version 7371 (you can go to settings->system info and you should see "dashboard 2.0.7371.0")

If the dashboard/date are newer then you can do the RGH hack. Don't update the console for any reason: the older the better.

I will outline the basic JTAG procedure for you, just so that you know what to expect:

1. you will need to read the onboard NAND , it means either a usb nand-reader or a hand-made LPT reader that is WAY slower.
2. you will need to download J-Runner application, everything can be done with it: reading/writting nand and building a jtag image (download link (http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?82434-J-Runner-The-Ultimate-JTAG-RGH-App-*LATEST-DOWNLOAD-HERE*))
3. once you have a good nand dump of the original data you will use J-Runner to create an ECC image and write it back to the console (keep the original nand files , they are very important)
4. once the ECC image is written then you need to install a couple of diodes/wires to the board (so the hack can work) and start the 360 with the eject button: XELL will load that will give you you console's CPU keys.
5. use j-runner to connect via lan to XELL (or input the cpu key manually) and this will allow you to build a JTAG nand image for your 360: basically a hacked latest version dashboard specific to this 360
6. power off 360, and write the newly created image back to the nand or better yet , put the newly created image in a fat32 usb stick, connect it to the 360 and powercycle it by opening it with eject again: xell will recognize the nand on the usb stick and write it on the 360.
7. if all goes well it should boot to the latest dashboard but all region/content locking will be disabled. Success! the rest is installing software :D

btw, 360 emulation is not that great tbh - don't expect it to behave like a more powerful original xbox, sadly that is not the case...

24th February 2015, 18:39
This is quite a complete guide:
http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/jtag-rgh-r-jtag-xbox-360-ultimate-exploit-guide.804054/ (http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/jtag-rgh-r-jtag-xbox-360-ultimate-exploit-guide.804054/)

24th February 2015, 20:04
Any dash can be done. I would recommend R-JTAG over RGH but either way you're gonna need to get the soldering iron out.

24th February 2015, 23:32
Thanks for all this info!
I have no problem soldering stuff, I've seen what I have to solder and I have done much more complex projects :)

I am pretty sure my dashboard is newer than what is shown in most guides, so what to do? I thought RGH was only for slim xbox 360s.

Can it do at least decent emulation? I have a CFW Wii and I am really happy with its SNES, Genesis and other emus, but I was loking for maybe N64, PSX and hopefully also Amiga emulation. Especially Amiga emulation.

25th February 2015, 07:15
The original Xbox is better at emulation to the 360 ? I've got both, my 360 is not JTAGged but I use my original Xbox for emulation all the time.

25th February 2015, 07:29
Unless things changed then the original xbox is still better, meaning it has more emulators , more eye-candy, more everything. AFAIK the "best" emulator you can have on the 360 is retroarch.


Wii is a very solid homebrew platform. Way better than 360 , if it's only emulation that you want Akira then maybe the 360 is not worth it.
As for RGH, it can be used on all 360s that have updated dashboards. But you would need a chip for RGH, just get a good one to have proper results.

25th February 2015, 08:38
I have both Wii and original Xbox and both setup for emulation. The original Xbox is way better than the Wii for emulation. Having said that the Virtualboy emulator on the Wii is better than the Xbox one. But man, original Xbox.... near perfect arcade emulation (if not perfect) and even N64 is emulated really really well.

25th February 2015, 19:37
Then maybe I should get an original XBOX.
The question about the 360 is because recently my 360's optical drive died while in transport to USA and the insurance replaced it for a new unit, so I am left with a Jasper that is doing nothing, so I though "might as well modify it!".

I guess it's more trouble than it's worth, I'll flog it on eBay or something. My problem is it's an Euro unit and nobody in USA will buy it :(
Now time to look for an original XBOX!

25th February 2015, 19:48
cant you get a same make working drive and swap the boards to the working one?...is the board itself faulty?

25th February 2015, 21:51
Something blew up in it. But don't I need to transfer the nand or something form the drive so it wouldn't be banned or work?
I really can't be arsed to fix it, I have a new 360. I'll put it up for sale or something even if it's euro.

25th February 2015, 22:43
if the drive PCB is fine then just get a same drive, replace pcb and you are set
if the drive pcb is dead then you need to jtag/rgh so you can get the encrypted drive key and use it to create a firmware to burn on the new drive's pcb. there is no other way unfortunately

25th February 2015, 23:28
As I said, more trouble than it is worth. I'll flog it.

26th February 2015, 07:52
yeah , it sure needs to invest time/money into it...

8th June 2015, 21:27
:stupid on this one, hence the question.
You can add a Jtag ,which is a lot of work, but recently I read that you can also flash the DVD drive, so it can read your backup discs, so what are the pros and cons of both systems?

8th June 2015, 23:12
You can add a Jtag ,which is a lot of work, but recently I read that you can also flash the DVD drive, so it can read your backup discs, so what are the pros and cons of both systems?

JTAGing allows you more than just playing backups (not really my interest)

9th June 2015, 08:33

I have my jtag for region freeness and being able to play anything from HDD, but there are also the usual spread of emulators available. I don't have any interest in "backups" either, which is the only thing a flashed drive is good for.