View Full Version : Advice needed for hard drive upgrade of original Xbox

25th February 2015, 08:56
My original Xbox still has its original 8GB hard drive in it. I still have like 1.2GB of free space but since I use it solely for emulation I think i'm best off replacing it with a larger drive.

Question time.... Will any standard IDE hard drive work with it or do I need a specific type ?

Is it possible to transfer everything from the old hard drive to the new one ? Is there a specific way to do it ? Are there hidden files/folders ?

I believe its soft modded and never been opened as the labels are undamaged. Will I ruin the soft mod by opening it up and changing the drive ?

Any tips on replacing the hard drive as in do I have to watch out for damaging any specific ribbon cables or plastic tabs or anything whilst opening her up ?

25th February 2015, 09:08
If it is soft modded you will need a drive that supports locking. the new drive will need to be prepped and locked to the motherboard using that consoles specific eprom data. There are lots of guides on using xboxhdm to make a new drive.
alternatively you can research chimp which allows you to clone one drive to another.

im on my phone at the moment but when I get home I'll see what links I can dig up