View Full Version : os4.1fe real install

26th February 2015, 22:09
Now iam in the process of installing 4.1,fe but I only get as far as the black screen
With the amiga 4.1 logo and nothing else happens.
I've got Hdd set to master cd to slave on same channel..
Set ram speed to 70ns and disabled maprom
Am I missing something?
If I turn Chanel to aga mode I just see the 4.1 kickstart insert disk screen
Rtg just stays on the amiga 4.1 logo screen!! Any ideas?
Spec elbox tower
blizzard ppc 060 50 htz @270
fastata mkiii
mediator tx
fast ethernet card
spider 2

26th February 2015, 22:34
Install without the fastata, I know it's a pain to remove but that's what I had to do back in the day, I used a normal 4way ide device to do the install.

26th February 2015, 22:49
Yeah I had a feeling it was something to do with the fastata
i only wanted 4.1 for 3d support for radeon support
but just bought a voodoo3 so might stick with 3.9
what ends of the earth do I have to do to have wipeout working on my miggy!! Lol.
would the latest fastata make any difference though?

26th February 2015, 23:29
Wipeout will be better on 3.9 as the shadows are glitched on the 4.1 3D driver.

Once you've installed 4.1 you can put the fastata back, it will be fine. It will give you up to 5x the transfer speeds.

I highly recommend you take a backup immediately after the install so you don't have to go through it all over again and put some extra cooling on the ppc during the install such a point a 10cm PC fan at it, they have been known to overheat during the install process.