View Full Version : Corrupted batch files - Trying to mess about with my old BBS

28th February 2015, 13:11
All the .bat batch files from a backup of my old BBS are all corrupted.

Anyone have any idea if they can be restored / fixed ?

For example a board.bat file is supposed to look like:

@echo off

or similar but instead looks like:

    BBBB 0 #M u n c h M a n ( 1 9 8 3 ) ( D K ' T r o n i c s ) [ a ] . t z x H    @ 0 ! ! 1V

Any ideas ?

28th February 2015, 13:31
DK'Tronics is a company who used to make hardware expansions, mainly for the Amstrad CPC range. They also released some CPC games, including Munchman in 1983. Are you sure you haven't mixed up files? Otherwise the text may have been part of a different file, in which case it's not just the BAT files that are corrupted.