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1st March 2015, 18:51
Looks like my GTX660 SLI setup in my PC is getting a bit on the warm side as I'm getting lockups in games, it was after a few hours playing Far Cry 4 last week and today after less then 30 mins playing F1-2014, at idle my GFX Cards are 50 degrees/c which seems a little high to me, is there any advice from other SLI users to keep these beasties cool?

Shutting off SLI when I'm not using it cools the second card, that's a start as it has a knock on with the main cards temperature, but I'm worried race night isn't going to be much fun tomorrow with lockups every 30 mins :(

They've only been in a few months so they shouldn't be clogged up with dust, but I will check. What I'm thinking if anyone has any cooling advice, special cooling solutions for SLI setups?

I'm running 3 22in screens 5040x1050 so I'm pushing them pretty hard.

Any advice appreciated :)

1st March 2015, 20:02
all i can suggest (having had Sli in the past) is to use reference design cards that suck air in from inside the case and expel out of the rear, I've had a couple of the (runs cooler) custom twin fan jobs and all they do is recirculate the hot air into the case which then the VGA then can suck back in especially if space is tight and you cannot remove the hot air out of the case quick enough.

I don't know why (unless they look better) VGA coolers these days expel the hot air back into the case,,,:nuts:

1st March 2015, 20:13
They are evga sc stock coolers


you may need a 120mm fan in front of them steve but they were in a big case when i used them

they may need a blast of compressed air now

what speed do you have the fans set too, i use msi afterburner and have a custom fan curve for all my cards

also did you tidy the cables here http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?64608-New-PC-Build-D&p=662037&viewfull=1#post662037
and putting a fan infront of the cards on the hd cage will help alot but a gap between the hardive may be needed too

1st March 2015, 23:56
Cheers John. I'll look at msi afterburner. I thought the fans were automatically temperature controlled?

The cables at the bottom have been tidied a bit but it's still quite busy down there. Might be time for a bigger case.

I'll try blasting them with some compressed air and see if I can find a suitable fan.

2nd March 2015, 12:34
Geez I can't beleive how much dust builds up in just 2 months! I've given the whole system a clean out and also swapped the GFX cards round so that the load is on the other card now, maybe that will help a bit. I also added a 120mm fan on the side window directly blowing onto the two GFX cards. I've downloaded MSI afterburner and at the moment the main GPU is idle at 35 degrees/c but not done anything intensive yet.

Will look at setting fan speed profiles :)

2nd March 2015, 12:38
All that skin can build up mate getting sucked into them nice fans :)

2nd March 2015, 12:47

I look at the speed profiles, so I guess the auto fan levels don't really give much speed vs temp as just putting fan at 50% for idle has brought the temp under 30, what sort of curve would you recommend?

2nd March 2015, 13:50
Seem to have got things stable, I hope! Never heard the fans get this loud before so I guess they were running in quite or some eco mode?

The MSI Afterburner works really well, at approx 75% Fan speed I get stable 60C under full load, tested with my most demanding game, Far Cry 4! Even after 1hr it doesn't go over.


Time for some lunch, this damn prison is really hard to escape!

And at least I should be good for tonight's racing :D

2nd March 2015, 15:11
I normally get mine to run under 65c they can get loud but not really in this season

2nd March 2015, 15:15
Thanks again John for you advice, you going to join us for races tonight?

2nd March 2015, 15:30
i need a better gpu so i can complain that its getting hot when im running 3 screens at stupid resolutions 2

2nd March 2015, 15:38
Lol shambles.

2nd March 2015, 21:48
Hopefully I wont have the same problem, in the middle of a new build (build thread to be started) and
have just ordered 2 x Gigabyte GTX670 OC, Windforce for SLi.

2nd March 2015, 22:23
You should be fine, just make sure you use something to control your fan speeds, MSI Afterburner is doing a great job for me. 64% Fan speed and was playing Asetto Corsa 2 hours solid on 3 screens @5040x1050 never went over 45C :D

Make sure you clean out the dust regularly too! I guess the fan across the two cards probably helps as well.

4th March 2015, 03:59