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15th June 2010, 13:24

Clearing out a few things. This is, see pic, an Atari 400 but with a custom keyboard on it. Its in a box called a "Atari 400 The Programmer". I assume 1979 ish. All seems to work fine. PSU included and I've added an Atari joystick. I've had it in storage for some time, I'm not using it so rather than the box get tattier I thought I'd open it up for offers.

I dont know what's inside, it might be stock 16k (ram boards are easy to get)

Pics attached, if there's interest I'll boot it from a cart and will add a pic.

Postage to UK is likely around the 15 mark, I'd like 40 for the atari 400 and 15 for the postage (ie 55 total). Uk sale only, paypal gift please.

Any questions please shout!


16th June 2010, 03:33
As by the rules you must state a price for your item.

Otherwise, good luck with your sale.

16th June 2010, 12:28
I've bolded the price to make it clearer. cheers

24th June 2010, 09:47
I am interested.

If nobody has interest in UK next days to buy the Atari, could you please make an exception and send me the Atari in Greece :roll: ?
I will pay you the additional transfer costs of course.


24th June 2010, 09:57
Hi Sylvester

Sure. I'll look into shipping costs and will pm you. (If you have any extra suggestions of cheap/reliable couriers, please pm me)

oh, and i'll post a pic of it working friday night.



24th June 2010, 19:59
Thank you very much Iain :thumbsup:

25th June 2010, 22:01
Hi. Sorry for blurry pics. I'm sure it's got 16k, yet all the carts I have boot and run great. The joystick works but seems a little sticky going 'up' - looks neat and clean still though.

I've not got far with courier, will weigh things up overnight!


25th June 2010, 23:53
Trackable courier to greece looks about 30. Might be able to get it cheaper, weight is 4kg, package 50cm x 40cm x 20cm. perhaps you could take a look to see what prices you can come up with or what you'd be happy with?

Please PM me your postcode in greece and I can search again. Iain

27th June 2010, 20:47
I release my interest due to various home economic issues.
PM has been sent to seller.

This Atari 400 is a piece of history :thumbsup:

1st July 2010, 17:31
I really shouldn't express interest, I already own too much classic hardware...
But thought I should let you know "The Programmer" and the box you own belong to a kit with two pieces of software and a 410 tape recorder.

If you are willing to ship internationally check out parcel2go.com, for heavier items they offer better value for money than Parcel Farce...

2nd July 2010, 17:14

I've been using it, but as I have 4 Atari's one has to go. funny that it's the most interesting one ;)

10th August 2010, 20:46
I'm also interested. If anybody don't takes this machine I can in UK.

18th August 2010, 12:03
as an update for mods - we are just arranging payment and shipment now, will post feedback shortly (as I hope flops will :) )


19th August 2010, 10:18
Payment sent :-)

26th August 2010, 13:38
Everything is all right, Thank you Iainjh

26th August 2010, 14:14
Time to close the thread then :thumbsup:

Don't forget to return the feedback iainjh

Dave G :cool: