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2nd March 2015, 14:07
Hi everyone. I've decided I'd like a datacentre for my master 128 so unfortunately the Beeb has to go to help me get the money together for it.

For sale is:

A Boxed model B BBC micro with poly inserts, issue 7 motherboard with Watford electronics 12 ROM solderless romboard and MMbeeb MMC/SD card interface with sd card containing the stairway to hell games archive. There is no disc interface fitted to this machine - it is tape and sd card only.

I've owned the beeb for a while - maybe 18 months. When I bought it, it was pretty dirty! I stripped it down and cleaned the case inside and out. I removed all the keys, washed them and replaced them.

The pillars for the screws at the front of the case are broken. I have 'repaired' them with some epoxy putty and this seems to have worked well. I am using small, non standard screws.

As far as I know the caps had not blown in the psu and I did not power it on until I had changed both X2 caps and c9 so it has a fully refurbished non smelly psu!

I had the motherboard repaired by one of our own - The Corfiot - as it had the dreaded 'long beeeeeeeeeep' fault which he quickly diagnosed and fixed. I sent him the just motherboard to keep costs down and in the process had to remove the composite out connector and this has not been replaced so bear in mind you will have to buy one and fit this yourself if you want to use composite video.

When I fitted the 12 rom board one of the pins broke. This was apparently a common occurrence and the fitting instructions point out that it is something to watch out for. I repaired the broken pin at the recent stardot Halifax meetup in January by soldering a wire to the column connected to the pin and bending the wire round so that it lines up with the corresponding hole in the socket. I've not used the beeb much since then but I've had no problems with it.

One of the cursor keys was not working so I desoldered the key switch and replaced it with a working one. Unfortunately I also managed to remove the solder pad so a repair has been made here too.

One of the poly inserts was broken down one side. I have repaired this with some pva glue.

The box is a bit dirty and has a couple of small tears. The open end of the box is quite worn, through opening and closing many times.

The power cable is a bit dirty as is usual on beebs of this age. It's not a big job to replace and I'm sure someone on the net sells the exact cable for those wanting to keep it authentic. The previous owner has removed the standard 3 pin plug and fitted a connector which fits a standard pc 'kettle plug' connector, so any pc power cable can be used. I will supply one fitted with a standard UK 3 pin plug. If your country's mains voltage is not 240v like the UK I think there is a link in the psu to change it to 110v, make sure you do this before powering up the beeb.

The photo's are as follows:
The box.
The repaired poly insert.
The repaired screw pillars.
The missing composite video.
The keyboard repair.
The ROM board repair.
A topless shot!
The Beeb.

I'd like 100 plus shipping and paypal fees.
Let me know if you would like more photo's, I only have the camera in my phone so they might not be the best quality.

8th May 2015, 20:18
Is it still for sale? I'm declaring interest and sending PM.

2nd June 2015, 13:41
Sorry, I've decided to keep it. Could this thread be closed please?