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4th March 2015, 05:11
My current main PC is as follows:

Core 2 Quad 2.4Ghz Q6600 CPU
3GB RAM (4GB MAX but motherboard has a damaged slot so 3GB MAX)
Geforce GTX 216 SP 896 GDDR3 graphics card PCIeX16
Running WIndows 7

It runs great if not a little old and noisy. Its fast

I got my hands on (for free) an Acer Aspire XC600 - Pentium G2030 3 GHz - 4 GB
Specs here: http://www.pcworldbusiness.co.uk/catalogue/item/P182538P

Has a Intel Pentium G2030 3Ghz CPU
Intel HD graphics
4GB DDR3 upgradable to 16GB
Running Windows 8.1

Fast and apparently although only dual core the CPU handles stuff better. modern, quiet and goes to 16GB ram are all a plus but no upgrade slots

Which should I keep and which should I kick to the kerb ?

4th March 2015, 08:31
Ideally you want quad core, more than 3gb of Ram and dedicated graphics so a mixture of both. Although if you're just surfing the net and watching Youtube either would be fine, just that 3gb is a slight concern without the first system as you're probably using 1.7gb ish after booting into Windows and loading your background stuff.

Not that you'll be playing the latest games on either of those rigs, but to point out the GeForce card there doesn't support DX11 (I believe) and a lot of new games need X4 CPU's now too.

31st March 2015, 16:30
Seems simple enough choice - the newer one.

31st March 2015, 16:38
Yes the newer 1 and you can upgrade the cpu and memory when needed also add a gpu but you would need to upgrade the psu and maybe change the case if its a none standard psu

31st March 2015, 20:16
Is that for gaming?
Pentium G2030 is a low end CPU. If you want a new PC with some power, go at the very least to Core i3.

31st March 2015, 20:52
Its a socket 1155 Mainboard, get it, rip the G2030 out and put an i5-2320 in, a bit more RAM and a low profile GPU
and you will have a great little machine. It has a PCIe16 2.0 slot and PCIE x1.


31st March 2015, 21:39
The i3 here would be ok for basic gaming it has hyperthreading