View Full Version : Testing an A600 floppy drive -- copying a disc to test it

4th March 2015, 16:42
Hi all,

I got an A600 that I need to test it's floppy drive current condition. It came with a couple of discs but noone seems to work. One jumps back to workbench after the screen fades to black and back. The other one throws an error asking me to left click to continue and stays there after clicking and a new reading try. There's also a third floppy that seems to loop on an endless reading...

I was wondering if I can use an old pc to copy a working floppy image to one of those floppies and then test the drive. I know next to nothing of amiga world and wonder if and how I could do this. I need to set up the old pc and was thinking of using Win95 (and CMD). Or maybe a very light Linux distro if that's necessary (I'd need guidance though).

I guess any piece of software would do and maybe use something simple (or even something for troubleshooting?) not copy protected?
Thanks for any help on this.

ps: apart from that, it seems to be working ok. I get video through both RF and Composite. Don't know if there's any audio output on boot, I got none through RF and didn't hook up any cables L/R cables on audio.

4th March 2015, 19:35
Amiga floppy disks cannot be written on PCs
without installing additional hardware
such as a special floppy disk controller .

5th March 2015, 19:12
Make sure the heads are cleaned. As Nobby_UK said, it's impossible to write amiga disks on the PC without additional hardware, but you might test the Amiga drive on the old PC as a DD PC drive and see how it works there. Use a straight through floppy cable (no twist) with #2 and #34 wires swapped. If it works OK on the PC but not on the Amiga (esp. if other Amigas read the disks yours won't), the heads may need aligning.