View Full Version : No Cd with ide fix 97

7th March 2015, 09:57

Due to my own stupidity (don't ask) I've had to format my WB partition. I've managed to reinstall a lot of the software I had saved in another partition but I can't make ide fix enable my cd drive.

It sees it fine and I click on 'use' but nothing happens when I insert a cd.

I have cd0 in my devs drawer but when I click on that I'm told cd0 is already mounted. Same with the cli mount command.

I really need the cd working so I can install wb 3.1 and other software. I have other cd software but I get the 'can't find your installer' app message.

Any help please? My a1200 specs are in my signature.

Cheers, Paul.

7th March 2015, 10:32
use a text editor and open up the CD0 file look to see what is the unit= number and the Device= (normally UNIT=1 DEVICE=scsi.device ), you must change these to correspond to same as what unit and device are shown when you select `USE` manually

9th March 2015, 07:36
If it is a fresh 3.1 installation, you must copy the "installer" from the 3.1 Install Disk to your SYS:C and SYS:Utilities folders (best to use an updated Installer from Aminet or OS 3.9 installation).