View Full Version : C64 power supply on Plus4 ?

7th March 2015, 21:39
I have just acquired two Plus 4's and they both have the round power connector (so not the square one).
Is it possible to use a C64 power supply without modifying anything ?

7th March 2015, 21:44
Mine had a square plug which i had replaced by a standard c64 round din connector. Now works with a standard c64 psu, in my case they only seem to work with the square c64c type psu, not the wedge psu that originally shipped with the c64

7th March 2015, 21:55
Ah that makes sense as they swapped around one pin (forgot which one) between the "old" and "new" power supply (so the C64 versus C64C).
I'll try it out tomorrow :)

7th March 2015, 23:26
take care with the pinouts of the supply,you really dont want to put 9 volts ac into a circuit expecting dc.

do a little research into the pinouts for both machines first,before try to plug one into the other.