View Full Version : Closed BATCH of 11 original ATARI ST disks - 5 and another batch of 40+ "blanks" (also 5)

8th March 2015, 00:27
Take whichever batch you would prefer... or both!

5 gets you the x11 original disks in the foreground here for the ST (no boxes or packaging - just the game disks for - GHOSTS & GOBLINS, PAPERBOY, R-TYPE, VOYAGER, BOMB JACK, STAR RAY/GOOSE, DOUBLE DRAGON, SPACE HARRIER, TREASURE ISLAND, BEYOND ICE PALACE & ADVANCED FRUIT MACHINE SIMULATOR)

5 gets you FORTY plus 3.5" disks good to go as blanks.

So, either batch are just 5 plus 2-80 2nd class postage (UK)
Payment via Paypal GIFT please.
PM if you would like either or both of the batches - downsizing so all ST hardware/software to go... Do check my other ads. Thanks for looking.

14th March 2015, 11:23
PLEASE FLAG UP AS SOLD/CLOSED, moderators, if you would be so kind.
Many thanks, guys.

14th March 2015, 11:59
Sold on Amibay ??

21st March 2015, 23:00
No, fella.
No interest shown here at all, I'm afraid.
Went on the other Bay...
Many thanks.