View Full Version : Sold DISK BOX - 3.5" type with 16 original ATARI ST disks and approx 40 'blanks'

8th March 2015, 00:37
General purpose 3.5" disk box complete with:
BATCH of 16 original ATARI ST disks and batch of 40+ "blanks" (all inclusive for 15 plus 2-80 UK 2nd class post)
(NOTE - no boxes or packaging - just the game disks for - SIX ATARI POWER PACK TITLES, eg. Predator, Afterburner, Super Hang On, Black Lamp etc, STUNT CAR RACER (brilliant), Wrestlemania x2disks, Bio Challenge x2, IK+, Robocop2, Peter Beardsley's Football, Wanderer 3D and Protector)

Payment via Paypal GIFT please.

PM if you're interested/need more info...
- downsizing so all ST hardware/software to go... Do check my other ads. Thanks for looking.


8th March 2015, 08:14
Interested pending shipping cost to Cyprus.

8th March 2015, 08:54
Interested pending shipping cost to Cyprus.

Good luck! The weight alone will make your eyes water...

8th March 2015, 09:51
Aye, I'd go along with RED IMPACT's estimate, friend BOTIALOACH...
Weight of parcel = 2.5kg.
Royal Mail prices range from 39 to 72 dependent on speed, cover and tracking.
I would suggest it's a non starter, my friend but thanks for your interest.

8th March 2015, 11:07
interested (2nd in line? - waiting for botialoah's response...)

8th March 2015, 13:05
Thanks for the interest, fella, but I'm afraid the shipping via Royal Mail to Slovakia...
Is exactly the same prices as given above for Cyprus...
Best wishes,

8th March 2015, 14:23
I am OK with that, I have UK shipping addres too...

8th March 2015, 15:12
Hi, Botialoach.
As you can see, postage to Cyprus is going to be too much, I would think.
The Slovakian member, Skromny, has a UK address he wishes me to post this item to, so unless you let me know today if you still want to go ahead with shipping to Cyprus, then Skromny is now 1st in line as he has PMd me.
Thank you for your interest - much appreciated.

8th March 2015, 18:41
Interest withdraw due to postage cost, only UK members can get their hand on this excellent bundle,

8th March 2015, 18:45
My apologies, friend - a shame UK/Cyprus were nearer!
Best of luck in the future.

8th March 2015, 23:01
Moderators... ITEM SOLD - PAYMENT REC'd from SKROMNY.
Many thanks.