View Full Version : For Sale CYBERMORPH Atari Jaguar Game Cartridge Only 1Meg Version

9th March 2015, 19:48
Sold elsewhere

CYBERMORPH Atari Jaguar Game Cartridge Only - 1 MB Version

Fully working, but does have two small digs on the left and right hand side of the cart, please see pictures for more info

Please be aware that this is the 1 Meg version of the game, that was bundled with Jaguar systems in 1994, so if you have a boxed Jaguar that has this game missing, this would be ideal to complete your collection.

See here for more info on the differences between the 1 MB and 2 MB versions.


Fully tested and working just fine.

Asking 7 plus postage and PP fees. Postage to UK will be 2.78.