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11th March 2015, 13:38
HI Guys
Just got my PI yesterday and well I am looking to make the most of it any suggestions?

Also would love an amiga look alike case for it too.

thanks guys


11th March 2015, 15:01
I just helped a friend configure his Pi 2 as a media center using OpenELEC. I had a really difficult time getting a web browser working properly in Raspbian. It's odd because it worked perfectly on the original Pi.

Hope you enjoy it!


11th March 2015, 15:17
Cheers Heather just watched a vid that help a bit


cant wait see it running UAE

12th March 2015, 08:45
I suppose you can't just take a ready set up card from the Pi and plug it in to the Pi2?

12th March 2015, 12:01
Hi buddy
Seems not but I am no expert just starting to learn about the little machine

12th March 2015, 23:42
I'm posting this on my Pi 2.It's definitely much faster than the B+ I have as my media player in the kitchen. It quite happily surfs youtube, ebay and my mail apps at full speed.I've chosen the 900mhz overclock option in the 'raspi-config' menu and I installed Chromium browser and the Synaptic repository.To be quite honest, it's faster online than my aging 2006 Macbook :)The only downside so far is that it won't play any media from my MLB.TV account, but it's all good.

13th March 2015, 07:35
I just got mine this week. :)

13th March 2015, 09:12
I should be getting mine in about a week. It's still in pre-order.

14th March 2015, 03:58
Forget the Chromium browser: Midori with the Gnash plugin is the fastest and most stable browser with video playback.

I'm liking this Pi 2 more and more by the minute.

29th May 2015, 09:51
LOL seems we could almost have a Pi section I would be lost without mine now connected to my main tv and works perfect.