View Full Version : Any tips on removing rust from SNES SF2 Turbo limited Edition Tin case ?

12th March 2015, 18:00
I've still got my original Street Fighter II Turbo Special Edition tin case for the SNES but unfortunately after spending around a decade in my garage the tin developed surface rust.

The print on the tin is still very visible and the rust looks more like surface rust than anything else.

I'd like to restore it as nice as possible without damaging the print. I tried Autosol but it wasn't much help.

Can post a pic of it if anyone likes :)

12th March 2015, 20:34
Hi Dougal,

If the rust is coming through the print I think the only thing you could do is get some kind of gentle rust neutraliser that doesn't affect paint. If you try to rub it off it could take the paint with it.