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13th March 2015, 01:30
I've got a brand new WB partition. I'm running OS3.5 and everything is sweet.The only thing I'm lacking now is my internet. I have AMITCP installed and a PCMCIA network wireless card. If I run Easynet, I can log in to see the online updates and even download them, but when I launch aWeb or iBrowse (2.4) I can't load any sites.Because I'm able to view and download the Easynet updates, I know that my internet and settings are fine. I'm stumped this time, tbh.It was all working fine last week, before I had to format and reinstall everything.Any help, please?Thanks

13th March 2015, 07:17
Not owning any of the kit you have, I'm not sure how the update process is done.
However, if the updates are pulled from an IP address directly (as apposed to a DNS name or 'URL') then it could be your DNS settings that are incorrect.
It may be worth setting your DNS settings to and (OpenDNS servers) or and (Google DNS servers)

15th March 2015, 17:37
As mr woodycool mentioned it is a DNS problem. If you have static ip in your card, put static DNS in your settings. If you change the settings for both ip and DNS to automatically your dhcp server (Internet router) will provide the right ones.

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15th March 2015, 17:52
Thanks guys.I put the open DNS setting in that Woody suggested and it worked immediately.Awesome machine and fantastic, friendly community.