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14th March 2015, 23:49

Time ago I purchased a great CPC 6128, and today I decided to make a dual ROM system with AMSDOS & PARADOS..... Job done and Both ROMS are working fine. :)

But I have troubles when connecting my HxC and one 3.5" FDD..... :(

My HxC is working on the internal FDD port but I want to connect a real 3.5" FDD on the drive 2 connector. I followed some forums and I have a modded floppy cable but I can't get that the two drives works together...

Any help will be much appreciated :)

15th March 2015, 09:47
in what way cant you get them to work together,could you explain a bit more please?

and,by modded cable what do you mean please?

15th March 2015, 10:42
i remember having LOT OF problems connect an HxC as external floppy drive on Amiga with INTERNAL original floppy drive. i have a DF0/DF1 exchanger but no way...
i sold my HxC emulator for a Gotek drive that works FLAWLESSLY!

15th March 2015, 11:18
What exactly is the problem or what are you trying to achieve with the cable mod?

The only 2 mods you can do on the cable (from memory) is to reassign drive A to the external 3.5" FDD, in which case the internal drive is effectively turned off, and a side switch. If you want to reassign the drive letters and use both drives you're only option AFAIK is an ABBA switch mod :thumbsup:

15th March 2015, 11:57

I will try to explain better.... :)

I have one SD HxC connected to the internal FD Port and working fine.

It's possible to use the SD HxC (internal) and a real FD 3.5" (external port) at the same time?

- HxC - A
- Real FDD - B

If possible, what I need to do?

15th March 2015, 12:38
nothing as far as i know if the external one is drive b

you dont even need a custom cable,hence my question about the cable mate:)
but make sure we can see both ends...

show us the cable because i know what its supposed to look like for the external drive..
the internal one is different though obviously.

15th March 2015, 13:45

I will try to explain better.... :)

I have one SD HxC connected to the internal FD Port and working fine.

It's possible to use the SD HxC (internal) and a real FD 3.5" (external port) at the same time?

- HxC - A
- Real FDD - B

If possible, what I need to do?

Sure this is possible if you don't make a mess with jumpers settings for both drive and use the proper floppy ribbon... Unlike Juri... :D

Each Drive select drive line coming from the machine can't be used for more than one drive. And using the motor line as drive select is a bad idea... (common mistake which made the disk change detection non-working, and this doesn't work with more than a drive on the bus.).

To check if there is some kind of conflit between the drives, just disconnect the ribbon of the internal HxC and try to access the drive b.
if this still doesn't work, the problem is the external drive.

If working, please check the HxC switch/jumper setting. Internally it should be set to ID0-A. Also check that the external drive don't use the motor-on line as drive select.

15th March 2015, 15:30
Also make sure the drive is outputting a ready signal. It also has a link at the bottom to compatible drives.


15th March 2015, 20:38
Thanks guys :)

I have two Samsung SFD-321B and after reading the needed mods, dirves are with:

- RDY: SMD 0 Ohm resistor
- Jumper on DS0
- C16 open

The only difference is that the drive have a wire from DC to pin 1 of the FDD connector. I will try to post some pics. :)

15th March 2015, 21:49
mate i think you have a conflict of the drives if im right,a cpc wont work properly if both drives are set to internal ones at boot time.
then use a standard external cable to connect it.

you need to set the jumper on the external one to ds1

then we need to see the external cable...

15th March 2015, 23:24
Hello again

Good news :)

Everything is working fine now....

- HxC as internal drive A
- Real FD 3.5" as external drive B

Jumper set to DS1 (Thanks Roy) and also I changed the jumper on the HxC.

Tomorrow I will post some pics :)

16th March 2015, 17:53
Hello again,

First of all some pics of the external 3.5" FD. I used and old enclosure and connected a switch to change the Drive Select signal. Now I can use the unit as DS0 or DS1 without more soldering jobs.



The ROM switching job


In the next post we can see the units working :)

16th March 2015, 18:00
Look the position of the jumper at the HxC and external drive is set to "I" (DS1)....


The units working with PARADOS & AMSDOS


Thanks for looking :)

16th March 2015, 18:44
does your access light on the real drive stay on constantly bud?

even when its not being accessed

16th March 2015, 19:13
The light is on by default, but flashes when accesing disks from PARADOS |drive utility (copying, moving, erasing, formatting...)

16th March 2015, 22:45
I see that the PARADOS 1.3 is available... but size is 16.1Kb.... ????

16th March 2015, 23:07
really? thats an odd size.

is there more in it than just the bin file?

17th March 2015, 05:38
nope, just the *.rom file, size is 16.640 bytes :shrug:

17th March 2015, 07:46
Hello again :D

I see at the CPCWiki site a solution for the unit light... If I understand well, the pins 33 & 34 must be shorted, right?

I'm a bit lost... as I know shorting pins 33 & 34 is used to set the RDY signal on, but in my unit the RDY signal is ON by an 0 Ohm resistor and the light is on all times (except under PARADOS drive utility).......

17th March 2015, 09:39
ive seen so many solutions for drives on the net im not sure whats right or wrong anymore...it takes so long to trawl through it all
im not even sure a pc converted drive even supplys a ready signal..not a real one anyway...
that was the reason i asked bud about the access light.

no mate dont short 34 to 33 if the drives works.
i wont get into the technicalities,but...basically the cpc is a bit more fussy about what is sent back and forth from the floppy controller and back.

the only way ive found around this is to use a shugard amiga DD drive(not a pc converted drive),one used in an external case.youll find it will work perfectly, even the access light.
the access light erked me a bit, after seeing it on all the time for some reason...even if the pc converted drive itself worked perfectly fine.

17th March 2015, 10:26
A real Amiga DD drive?

Good idea :Doh: I have some spare units on the desk. I will try today :thumbsup:

19th March 2015, 05:47
Hello Roy,

Just a little update :)

About the DD Amiga drives I need to do a clean job on all.... will take some time... :picard

Anyway, I made some little changes in the SFD-321B setup:

- Fixed Jumper at DS1
- Switch connected to pins 11 & 12 (wires soldered at FD PCB)

Now the unit can work 100% as:

- If connected to the internal port: Internal drive A
- If connected to the external port: External drive A or B

I have made some test with CPCDiskXP 2.5.1 and one USB FD connected to my PC:

- AMSDOS: Disks up to 254Kb
- PARADOS: Disks up to 720Kb

Not bad, I'm very happy now :lol:

19th March 2015, 11:42
good going mate.:)

show the pics after,you know we like pics...:D

19th March 2015, 12:42
good going mate.:)

show the pics after,you know we like pics...:D

I will try to post some pics this night :)