View Full Version : Wii bricked ? Can it be fixed ?

15th March 2015, 18:35
I've got this extra Wii that had been given to me by my brother after it stopped working.

The story is, he attempted to fit a mod chip on a friends Wii and ended up damaging the DVD drive, so he ordered a new drive and fitted his drive on the friends Wii. Once the new DVD drive arrived he fitted on this Wii and it worked perfectly for some months.

All of a sudden it no longer worked and its remained like this to this day.

When plugged in it gets the red power light. When I press the power button the light turns to green and the blue light around the disc slot lights up a solid blue. That is it, it does nothing else and the screen is black i.e no signal. If I press and hold the power button the Wii power light goes back to red.

I've no idea whats wrong with it but i'd love to get it working again as its a shame its just dumped in a cupboard.

Any help would be appreciated :)

BTW: Its not the power supply or the leads as I even tried using all the leads/psu of my other Wii which works perfectly.

15th March 2015, 19:38
i dont think its bricked somehow.

15th March 2015, 20:39
I thought that if there is a drive error or no drive at all it would start up with an error message. In this case its just the blue light round the disc and green power light but nothing else.

15th March 2015, 21:27
if the blue tooth fails it will do similar. but you can replace that.
shorts would do similar.. (a lot of stuff would do similar)
i would probably start at the cheapest option and work from there always thinking what the cost of a 2nd hand console only would be.

(sounds like a video output error to me though, but i am definitely not a wii expert "or even enthusiast")

17th March 2015, 10:01
It also won't take any discs

You put a disc inside but it won't 'suck it in' .. though if the wii is off it will switch on (black screen + solid blue light) if i attempt to insert a disc.

I've tried switching it on without the disc drive and even without the wifi module. Same result

17th March 2015, 10:42
Could be bad RAM, that would give you a black screen.

28th March 2015, 09:09
Also the fan doesn't work.

I summarise the fault like this:

Plug in power cable to Wii and the RED power light turns on
If I press power or eject button the power light turns GREEN and the blue light around the disc slot turns solid blue (and stays on)
- Attempting to insert a disc will also cause the Wii to do the above
- The disc drive makes no sounds and the fan will not spin
- Trying to insert a disc and the Wii will not take it in
- Black screen, no sound

The Wii can be switched off only by pressing the power button for 5 seconds and then the GREEN light turns back to RED

28th March 2015, 10:15
was it ever softmodded??

28th March 2015, 10:17
I think it once had a modchip but the disc drive was replaced and this one is not with a mod chip. Don't know much else about it.

28th March 2015, 10:29
Before devoting much time to it, the unit can be replaced in it's entirety very cheaply. I'd definitely consider that before investing time and repairs.

30th March 2015, 13:24
i think i would throw bootmii on to a sd card and see if it boots to that. from there if it boots yu can follow a nuumber of tutorials for unbricking a wii without nand backup.

this will only work if boot mii was installed though. but its pretty standard to do that so you can back up the nand and modify the things futher than just adding a home brew channel.

its possible that its just has its dash removed by mistake. or an update messed up the mod. or ios is corrupted i guess. (given that it was modified in some way previously)

as that is the cheapest fix that is where i would start.
a 1-2gb sd card is plenty.

apparantly there is a way to recover a completly deleted nand box too. if you use.

but i have no expirience with this and you would need to search for a tutorial.
i wouild start with boot mii though. easy stuff 1st always IMO

30th March 2015, 15:47
I know nothing about the Wii platform, never seen one in the flesh. But reading the original text it would seem to me there could just be an issue with the way the DVD drive was installed. This could be checked and re-installed at no cost.

30th March 2015, 15:49
I already tried powering the Wii with the DVD drive disconnected and then re-connected it. Made no difference. Its connected properly.

I will try the Comex Nand format thingy as Shambles has suggested though i'm pretty sure the problem is a hardware failure.

I know nothing about the Wii platform, never seen one in the flesh. But reading the original text it would seem to me there could just be an issue with the way the DVD drive was installed. This could be checked and re-installed at no cost.

30th March 2015, 18:08
Funnily, I just took the Wii apart to try reseating the bluetooth module and re-assembled it.

Now when it is off rather than the RED light it is ORANGE (standby?)

Still same problem, I press power - light turns green, solid blue light (the one round the drive) and stays on and power light turns green and black screen

BUT! ... Sometimes the screen flickers when I power it up

Tried holding reset when powering on but it does nothing

30th March 2015, 19:21
Dougal you can probably get another base unit Wii for 20 euro ;)

Then you can throw that one out of the window

30th March 2015, 19:26
if it is the bluetooth it is replaceable, but i dunno if its cheaper just to buy a new console.

30th March 2015, 21:59
Well , it's my spare wii so I don't really want to spend any money to replace it. If I find a motherboard cheap I'll buy it.