View Full Version : Request Tow A3000D and 3 A3640 for repair/servcie

15th March 2015, 21:32
I have two A3000D motherboards and 3 A3640 accel cards I need repairing/servicing.

Both motherboards have battery leakage damage.

One worked but had no RTC and some capacitors that had started bulging. I started decapping and removing some corroded sockets but I doubt I will ever get round to fixing them.
One gives me a green screen when booting, looks like heavy battery damage and more corroded sockets.

Of the 3 3640's I know one works but probably needs new caps. The others did not work in the 3000, I have no idea why, I can't see any obvious damage.

Would like a quote to fix all of the above, am happy to part-exchange 2 of the 3640's, ie. send 3 get 1 back.

18th March 2015, 20:48
PM sent

7th April 2015, 13:19
PMs exchanged, 2 x A3000 motherboards and 2 x A3640s on the way as agreed :thumbsup:

23rd June 2015, 22:33
Yay, all now repaired :-) Payment sent today, looking forward to rebuilding my A3000's next weekend :-)