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16th March 2015, 12:48
Hello my friends.

I'm involved with my CPC 6128 project and I need to know how to make two switches: one for Reset and other to Pause the system.

Thanks in advance :)

16th March 2015, 13:33
first locate and identify the expansion port..pin 1 is the top side far right as you look into the back of the expansion connector.

for reset you need a momentary push to make switch wired between pins 40 and 49 or 2, 49 and 2 are ground 40 is bus reset...

for a pause or freeze switch,you need a latching push to make or toggle switch wired to 39 and 49 or 2.

if your doing this internally try to use a point further back inside the machine on the motherboard so you can still use the expansion slot.
it would be easy to do with a multimeter to trace them back further into the machine...
if you get stuck ill post a picture of the expansion port pinout if you like.

basically you need two switches and three pieces of wire,and thats it.

important: bare in mind the pinout is alternating between the upper and lower pins as its read from right to left...so be careful mate:)

if this is incorrect in any way whatsoever someone please feel free to correct me:)

17th March 2015, 07:20
Thanks Roy, if possible, I will try to do it this evening/night :thumbsup:

4th April 2015, 16:51
Hello again :)

A bit late ..... but I have made all jobs for Pause & Reset Switch. I can't find small switches here, but looks fine:

Locating points 39, 40 & 49..... soldering cables & connector (before closing the case, I have used hot glue to prevent short-circuits):

85897 85898 85899

Buttons/Switches in the case: Pause, ROM selector & Reset (from left to right).




The back:

85902 85903

And ... I can't resist :D My new rework station: Aoyue Int 2738A+

85904 85905

All tested and everything works fine.

Thanks a lot Roy :thumbsup:

7th April 2015, 12:15
nice one:)