View Full Version : Rochard RH800C Hard Drive size limit?

23rd March 2015, 20:46
I have a Rochard RH800C sitting here. I probably will use this on an A500+ with kick 2.04.

It has 8mb of ram installed and a small hard drive (ide). Does anyone know the size limit on these things? I found an old 8gb ide drive stashed away and wondered if that would work?


23rd March 2015, 21:37
i read max 1gb on internet, i have tested some cf but work fine only with max 256mb

24th March 2015, 11:40
Are you the chap that tested a few cf cards?

I have two of these Roctec drives. Currently my attention is on the one that needs a good cleanup and I also want to enable the scsi option, the socket for it is empty :(

24th March 2015, 13:52
the utlity on floppy read right the dimension of cf, but don't write the data or partition on some cf

with chip into the socket, my board don't start

24th March 2015, 14:58
I can easily find size limits if someone can dump drive's boot roms. (by emulating it and then checking what kind of IDE commands it uses and testing different size drive images)

Note that it is not necessarily size limit, I have noticed that many boot roms have bugs in RDB and filesystem handling, especially if drive was partitioned in other controller.

(Any other undumped HD boot rom accepted too!)

24th March 2015, 16:57
thanks Toni, i can send you a file with dump, pm soon

24th March 2015, 20:40
I have no way of dumping the roms on mine :(

26th March 2015, 16:08
Most expansion ROMs can be software dumped quite easily. It is not 100% guaranteed method but works in most cases.

Perhaps someday I'll write tiny program that does most of it automatically..

26th March 2015, 16:43
if you want to send me the roms ill dump them,you know where i am dont you?

as long as there working the dumps should be fine.

15th April 2015, 19:07
thanks Toni, i can send you a file with dump, pm soon

How soon? :)

15th April 2015, 19:54
i send you, more time ago

need verify your e-mail if i wrong

please send me a pm with right e-mail

16th April 2015, 19:21
Got it, thanks. Version 2.0 still needed :) (At least 1.0 does not have optional SCSI support)

Emulation implemented.

16th April 2015, 21:08
i verify, my rh800c is version 1.0