View Full Version : More Roctec RH800C Questions - SCSI and 53C400 Chip.

24th March 2015, 11:55
I am currently refurbing two RH800C's.

Focusing on the one in need of a good clean up (the other is not so bad condition wise)
Upon opening I have discovered the SCSI socket is empty! According to the Amiga Hardware Database it has an 53C400 chip installed as an option:

So I am now hunting for a pair as I am assuming the other roctec does not have one.

I need to know if a 53C400A would work as an alternative? currently trying to find info on google about these things.

24th March 2015, 19:35
the answer is yes mate.if your talking about NCR 53C400A

i think signetics?(if ive spelt that right) made them as well

24th March 2015, 20:38
Excellent :D

24th March 2015, 21:34
i got that wrong,it was symbios logic that also made them:)

just looked it up mate...

24th March 2015, 22:04
No prbs m8 :)

I have found a pair of NOS 53C400A's from abroad.

Just have to wait for them to turn up.

1st May 2015, 20:07
What version ROM do your RH800Cs have? Apparently V1.0 is IDE only. I assume the SCSI upgrade kit which Roctec sold would have come with a later ROM version in that case.

3rd May 2015, 10:39
Confirmed now from ROM disassembly and in emulation. v1.0 ROM does not include SCSI support, it is IDE-only. (If your board has v2.0 ROM, could you dump it? It can be software dumped, no need for ROM/EPROM reader)

26th July 2015, 21:11
What do I require to achieve a software dump of the Roms in these things? I have an A500+ sitting here ready to test these Rochard's out.

27th July 2015, 09:18
I still don't have (semi)automatic method ready but it can be easily done with any monitor program, my favorite being mon165.lha from Aminet. Unpack it, run it (it does not need anything else), type "] e90000 4000 select_your_path_to_rom_image.bin" (without quotes) to save it.

This assumes you don't have any IO autoconfig boards (which is normally true unless you have some internal HD expansion), you can use sysinfo or tools/showconfig to check if base address is $e90000.

29th July 2015, 20:14
Ok some good news! I have cracked open the first Rochard unit (first one I ever got my hands on) and it has V2.0 roms. I am currently checking this thing over to make sure its ready to connect up. I shall check the other one promptly. Hopefully if the v2.0 one works I can then get a good dump of the roms.

Sadly it does not have an scsi chip fitted but I do have a pair of nos chips from the usa, which I have been reliably told work on these rochards. If everything works out, is there any reason why I could not keep the internal ide drive and then attach something to the back via the 25pin scsi plug?

30th July 2015, 17:37
I can't be sure until I can check v2.0 boot rom image but it probably can support both ports at the same time.

30th July 2015, 18:01
:) Rom image captured (I hope)

Just going to grab something to eat and then I will scoot over a pm regarding sending the rom image.

4th May 2018, 10:52

Sorry to drag up and old thread but did you ever sucessfully dump the V2 roms?

I am looking for the dump if possible.