View Full Version : 1200 crash to gray

25th March 2015, 20:33
hi guys i have a 1200 build i am making but it wont do anything keeps crashing. i have the mb in a pc case i made today its fully insulated and externally powerd. it had a ez key for the keyboard a cf hard drive and a floppy emulator.

when the hd is connected it will boot to workbench load all the icons then crash out to a gray screen. with out anything connected all i get is a blank black screen no purple disc load icon

i am at a loss is see no reason why it wont work as it was before i started


25th March 2015, 20:58
You could try very carefully reseating the rom chips.

It's usually best to strip back to a basic motherboard for testing, without a stable purple work bench prompt you are in question mark territory.

You could try another power supply I suppose.

Otherwise I would consider sending the motherboard to Bebek on these boards and likely he can help you at reasonable cost.

25th March 2015, 23:27
this mother board must have issues as i seem to get the blue screen sometimes. poped in a different a1200 mb and after a bit of work it all seems to work now.