View Full Version : Vic 20 Final Expansion 3

26th March 2015, 16:06

Does anyone have an SD card image or point me to a n00b guide to the Final Expansion 3 for the Vic20?

I've read through the manual but I can't get my head around having to do things like create Loader files in Vice? I found a zip with a loader and cartridge game images, it said to copy the SD card folder directly to the SD Card which I did (1GB SD Card) and it could see the folders but not the ROMs to mount them :picard

Also, is there a cure for jail bars? They seem pretty bad on my Sony PVM and my Pioneer Plasma TV :lol:

Failing that the Mega Cart might be a better option for a simpleton like me :lol:

26th March 2015, 17:04
I was going to reply to your PM. I won't have a chance to look at this until this coming weekend. You can send me a link to the files you are using then I can tell you exactly what you need to do.


26th March 2015, 17:11
Thanks Heather, that would be brilliant if you could. I'll PM you with the details in a short while.