View Full Version : Sold DSS8, V-Lab Motion, Amiga keyboard, Joysticks and Kickstarts

27th March 2015, 01:23
Here's some bits and pieces of hardware that some of you may find interesting. I don't have a Paypal account so I'm only accepting bank transfers.

- Three Two digital joysticks with autofire selector that you can use with Amigas and most 8- and 16-bit consoles or computers out there. I'm selling them at €10 each one + shipping. NOTE: Autofire selector is fake.

Joystick with legend sold elsewhere

- Linksys WRT54G 10/100 broadband router. A nice router still in its original packaging, multilanguage documentation, software and a Cat5 cable still sealed. I'm asking €15 + shipping. See the specs here (http://www.linksys.com/us/support-article?articleNum=140196). Note: PSU expects a 220V european (two pole) power socket.

- Kickstart 3.0 (39.106) for the desktop Amiga 4000. I'm asking €10 €5 plus shipping for this couple.


- V-Lab Motion. This is a rev 1.2 board in the original box complete with user manuals, cables & MovieShop software. I'm asking €100 €80 for it. Sold to Surfer

- GVP DSS8 sound sampler. An 8-bit stereo sound sampler that plugs onto the parallel port of any Amiga and comes complete in the original box with microphone, software, sound lead and user manual. I can't guarantee that the disk is in working condition, but the software can be downloaded from the 'net rather easily, otherwise I can email you a copy. I'm asking €20 for it plus shipping. Sold to kenhan

- Original A4000 keyboard, german version. The keys are virtually new because I got the keyboard with stickers on it to make it look like a Spanish keyboard - I removed them and did a thorough cleanup. The case is only veeery slightly yellowed and the keyboard comes with a bonus: buckling rubber sleeves under the keys, making it feel a bit like a keyboard with Cherry brown mechanical switches. I'm asking €30 + shipping. Sold to martorellcarles

27th March 2015, 01:26
Interested in A4000 keyboard. PM sent.

27th March 2015, 02:35
Unfortunately the excessive postage cost makes in non-economical for me to purchase. Passing on to the next interested party.

27th March 2015, 03:02
Interested in A4000 Keyboard. Pm soon

27th March 2015, 03:38
OK, keyboard sold to martorellcarles - payment pending.

30th March 2015, 19:16
declare interrest gvp sampler

30th March 2015, 21:27
Declare interest in joysticks, but pending questions in PM.

31st March 2015, 12:08
DSS8 sold to kenhan, A4K keyboard sold to martorellcarles - both items are already on the way to their new home :-)

1st April 2015, 12:50
Declare interest in joysticks, but pending questions in PM.

Payment done for the whole batch of three joysticks.

1st April 2015, 17:39
Declare interest in joysticks, but pending questions in PM.

Payment done for the whole batch of three joysticks.

Payment retired due to a unexpected working problem (of a joystick) communicated by Tactica.
I'll be waiting for a possible reply of Tactica to a final counterproposal of mine.
Thanks to Tactica for his seriousness!

1st April 2015, 18:19
That's correct, the autofire in one of the joysticks doesn't work, I noticed at the last minute. However I think the price is low enough as it is so I'm not applying any discount for now.

My apologies for the inconvenience, Friend_plus.

Edit: I just checked, autofire doesn't work in any of them, the slider on the base is bogus.

2nd April 2015, 09:02
Payment received from kenhan and martorellcarles - thanks!

7th April 2015, 20:54
Thanks tactica!,

Sampler right NoW received (today)
wrapped with a true Rock'n'roll
atmosphere! ;)


I'll feeback.

8th April 2015, 23:48
Hehe... By now I can't remember how I prepared it, but I'm glad you liked it :) I hope you have lots of fun with it!

9th April 2015, 12:25
Keyboard received & feedback sent :)


Ricardo zaca
14th May 2015, 05:39
declare interest in V-Lab Motion, i´ll send offer in pm.

14th May 2015, 10:07
interested in vlab motion, thx

14th May 2015, 10:16
Declaring interest in the Kickstart 2.04 (37.175) - have you found it :D ?

31st August 2015, 12:23
Oops... Yes I found it, but it is no longer for sale, sorry.

As for the V-Lab, unless Ricardo accepts a bank transfer, Surfer can get it. I don't have a Paypal account and I don't want to, either. I only accept bank transfers.

9th September 2015, 21:21
Price drops for VLab and Kickstart 3.0.

9th September 2015, 23:18
interested in vlab motion thx

10th September 2015, 01:35
Okay, reached an agreement with Surfer, pending payment now.

10th September 2015, 15:00
Payment sent for vlab motion as agreed through bank transfer, thx mate :thumbsup:

14th September 2015, 10:42
Payment received, I'll drop it in the mail office in a few hours :)

15th September 2015, 11:16
V-Lab is on its way, tracking no. sent privately.

8th October 2015, 18:57
In the end the parcel was returned to me and will be shipped AGAIN tomorrow in the morning using a different courier service. Crossing fingers :roll:

8th October 2015, 19:17
Interested in Two digital joysticks (If you are still for sale)
and depence cost shipping.

EDIT: Sorry, I withdraw my interest

8th October 2015, 19:36
*I* am not for sale, but the joysticks are, sure :lol: PM answered.

9th October 2015, 11:25
V-Lab resent to Surfer, this is the last time I trust the Italian postal service.

12th October 2015, 21:42
Added Linksys router.

16th October 2015, 10:47
VLab received yesterday by Surfer according to FEDEX, waiting for confirmation from him.

21st October 2015, 23:58
Reception of Vlab confirmed and feedback exchanged.

24th October 2015, 09:49
I'm moving this thread elsewhere to cleanup the title and contents, please close this one.

8th August 2016, 23:40
Just saying... this thread should be long closed by now.