View Full Version : Whdload on ACA500

28th March 2015, 22:01

Does anyone know whether its possible to run whdload on an A500 (1mb) plus aca500? I read there is a light version which i think ive tried but am failing to get anything to work.

28th March 2015, 22:19
Yes it's possible, just install a very basic workbench. Fit at least a 2.0 rom in your A500 and disable maprom so that you have 2 +1 mb ram physically available. Use the aca feature so that 1mb is treated as chip ram.

Finally use a small CF such as 512 mb so that you don't waste a lot of memory with buffers. Avoid pfs3 as this will use a few hundred kb too.

You should be able to get most 1 disk games working and some multi disk games without pre load.

Best option though is to get more ram :)

29th March 2015, 07:37
Follow Steve's guidelines as stated above, and you will be OK.
You have to keep in mind though that you will end up searching for more fast ram which you will most probably acquire by adding an aca 1220 to the aca 500. But, even then, the lack of chip ram is yet another problem.
Many (should I say most) whdload games need 1Mb+ chip ram which is impossible in an A500.
If you already own an A500/+ then, OK, aca 500 in nice to add and have. But if you are now in search for an Amiga that you will use for WHDLoad, go for an A600 if you don't want to spend much or - even better - for an A1200.
A500 to my opinion is best to stay with floppy games and ideally with a gotek in place of the floppy... Great fun that way...