View Full Version : Need help with an annoying (PC) problem. 2nd HDD disappearing

3rd April 2015, 08:52
This is annoying..... When my computer is on (i.e not asleep) before it auto sleeps the second hdd simply disappears and the only way I can get it back is by putting the computer to sleep and waking it up again.

It won't disappear if i'm actually using the computer.

I've tried the power option and set HDD sleep to NEVER. I dont know what else I can try.

Running Win 7 64bit

9th April 2015, 20:13

Seems it could be a chipset driver issue (use the Intel one if applicable as opposed to the Windows default) or a hotfix issue. Interesting thread, probably a good idea to give it thorough read

9th April 2015, 21:56
windows 7 will auto hide empty drives. if it is empty (i some how doubt it is)
throw a jpg or something in there.

9th April 2015, 22:04
My sons was doing this with his 1TB 2nd drive (1st drive 127gb ssd)

turned out to be a flakey PSU, early signs was not charging his ipad from the USB sockets.

9th April 2015, 22:37
My drive C is a 128gb SSD and the second drive is a Samsung 400gb. Power supply is 750 watts I think. How can I test if it's failing ?

9th April 2015, 22:49
it's probably not failing,,

my sons was a no name 700w HDD 2 disappearing, unplugging the cd rom drive helped a bit and was refusing to charge his ipad or his phone, new PSU installed 650W Corsair and smooth as butter, charging ipad no issues, but this might not be your issue, disconnect everything you don't need ans see if the drive stays,

when it disappears does it sound like its trying to spin up ??

yours might be a driver / chipset issue and not PSU related, if you have another PSU you can eliminate it.